Midterm Election Day unfolds in Boston

Photos showcase highlights from the Midterm Elections in Boston, as voters cast their ballots for several state and local positions.


Photo: Madison Neuner

Boston, MA: November 8, 2022: The Museum of Fine Arts is a new addition to the Ward 4 polling locations this year. Many people came to see the museum and left because it was closed for voting. Photo: Madison Neuner

Massachusetts residents made their way to the polls on Tuesday, casting their votes for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general, as well as other local and state-level representatives. Although polling stations statewide experienced less turnout than in previous years, with roughly 1 million votes cast early or through mail-in ballots, volunteers and election observers continued to run in-person polling stations as usual. 

Reporting for The Scope, Northeastern University photojournalism students took to the streets to capture moments from these polling stations on midterm Election Day in Boston.

Also contributing to this story were: 

Avery Bleichfeld, Paige Stern, Serena Buscarello, Isabella LoNigro, Kelly Chan, Elisabeth Hadjis, Madison Neuner.