Michelle Wu, Annissa Essaibi George and Boston City Council candidates advance to the general election

While some candidates conceded before official results were in, many other candidates celebrated and declared themselves frontrunners for their seat.


After a long night of delays due to a surplus of mail-in and dropbox ballots on election day, the mayoral and Boston City Council results are finally in.

Over 45 candidates ran for 13 City Council seats, four of which are at-large. Eight of the candidates were incumbents, who have automatically advanced to the general election due to either having no challenger, only one opponent or winning their primary.

City Councilor Andrea Campbell, who was running to be mayor, gave a concession speech late Tuesday night saying, “It’s not the result we wanted.” Prior to election day, polls saw Campbell consistently tied for second or third place with City Councilor Annissa Essaibi George. The latter candidate instantly took the lead for second place by a more significant margin once polls closed. Essaibi George will now challenge City Councilor and mayoral frontrunner Michelle Wu. 

Wu, who has been trending in first place in polls before election day, gave her victory speech early in the night. Acting Mayor Kim Janey dropped well below initial poll predictions and placed fourth. John Barros, in his second mayoral run, placed fifth.

An even tighter race for four at-large seats on the City Council, with 17 candidates in the running, saw incumbent Councilors Michael Flaherty and Julia Mejia consistently leading the pack. At the same time, newcomers Ruthzee Louijeune and Erin Murphy closely followed and sometimes led at different precincts. Eight at-large candidates will be advancing to the General Election.

There is still time to get registered for the General Election on November 2nd. For more information on how to register, please visit here.

Here are all of the candidates advancing to the November 2nd election:


Mayoral candidates

  • Michelle Wu
  • Annissa Essaibi George

District 1 (No Preliminary Election held)

  • Lydia Edwards (Incumbent) 

District 2 (No Preliminary Election held)

  • Ed Flynn (Incumbent) 

District 3 (No Preliminary Election held)

  • Frank Baker (Incumbent) 
  • Stephen McBride 

District 4

  • Brian Worrell
  • Evandro Carvalho

District 5 (No Preliminary Election held)

  • Ricardo Arroyo (Incumbent) 
  • John White 

District 6

  • Kendra Hicks
  • Mary Tamer

District 7

  • Tania Fernandes Anderson
  • Roy Owens Sr.

District 8 (No Preliminary Election held)

  • Kenzie Bok (Incumbent) 

District 9

  • Liz Breadon (Incumbent)
  • Michael Bianchi


  • Michael Flaherty (Incumbent)
  • Julia Mejia (Incumbent)
  • Ruthzee Louijeune
  • Erin Murphy
  • Carla Monteiro
  • David Halbert
  • Althea Garrison
  • Bridget Nee-Walsh