Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen in Roxbury thrives in face of pandemic

Although black owned businesses are among the hardest hit by the pandemic, Darryl’s Corner Bar and Kitchen, a Black-owned restaurant in Roxbury, remains teeming with life. 

Darryl’s is popular for its lively atmosphere. Customers come in to enjoy food, cocktails and live music, which was made impossible during the lockdown. Despite the challenge to keep the business running during the pandemic, its owner, Nia Grace, made great efforts to maintain the restaurant’s spirit of hospitality, including sending out postcards and including notes for customers in their takeout orders. 

Darryl’s owner Grace and Hassan Paige, an employee at the restaurant spoke to the Scope about the challenges they face and how their efforts to maintain its welcoming and fun-loving essence to keep bringing in diners throughout the pandemic.



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