Boston Harbor Now aims to spread more education about coastal flooding

The sea levels are increasing dramatically. Earlier this year, Boston experienced extreme coastal flooding and will continue to – affecting residents and nearby buildings – while also pushing many local environmental protection organizations to ramp up educational efforts and mobilize communities to take action.

Boston Harbor Now is one of those organizations. Founded in 2016, the nonprofit was formed to protect the harbor and its surrounding neighborhoods and parks. The organization’s goal is to make the harbor safer and more comfortable for its residents and visitors. 

“The reality is that the more the public knows and the more educated everybody is … the more responsive everybody can be,” Katherine F. Abbott, the president and CEO of Boston Harbor Now, said. 

Abbott believes that getting everybody in the community to engage in climate justice is significant. This is our Earth, and people should improve awareness and work together to overcome climate change, she said.

“The biggest contributors are transportation. It’s buildings. It’s food production. Nothing is huge. The hope is that people don’t get afraid, don’t get depressed, don’t get anxious…,” Abbott continued. “…but instead, try to look for the opportunities where they can contribute,” she said. 

Therefore, just like the organization’s name “Boston Harbor Now,” the public should take action now.


This video is a part of a climate justice series produced in Jody Santos’ course “Video News Reporting and Producing” at Northeastern University. Over the course of the semester, students will be producing news packages addressing climate and transit justice within Greater Boston.


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