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How the Scope is covering COVID-19

We realize that in these difficult times news about COVID-19 can make us feel anxious or scared. But it can also be used to keep us safe, informed and connected. That’s our hope for the Scope’s coverage of the pandemic.

Our aim is not to sensationalize or exaggerate the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

Our reporters and editors are working hard to verify information and create resource guides to help answer some of your concerns and help protect your loved ones. We will continue to use journalism as a service for all, sharing what the outbreak means for communities, businesses and nonprofits across Boston. We promise to keep holding local government accountable and ensuring all public forums are maintained during the public health emergency. While a lot of our coverage is focused on the pandemic, we are making an effort to also highlight inspirational stories that are happening throughout our community. So many people are stepping up to help, like our changemakers, and we want to bring you those stories as well.

If you have been personally impacted by COVID-19 then let us know what’s going on. Have story tips or questions? Contact us at [email protected].

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How the Scope is covering COVID-19