Fundraiser started to support family of Dorchester grandmother fatally shot on front porch

Ha Ta, Editor-in-chief

After the fatal shooting of Delois Brown, 73, who was sitting on her front porch Saturday evening on Olney St. when she was struck by a stray bullet, an online fundraiser was set up to support the family.

The GoFundMe page was set up on Sunday and has since raised more than $8,500 out of a $15,000 goal. Shirley Brown, Delois Brown’s daughter, is listed as the organizer.

“Delois Brown was sitting on her porch 4/10/21 enjoying the beautiful sun with family and friends when unfortunately a random act of violence occurred and took her life. We are asking now for anyone who is willing to help with any funeral expenses in any way to reach out during this trying time,” the fundraiser’s announcement read. “Thank you Ma Brown.”

“I am so saddened by the loss of everyone’s Nana,” a donor wrote. “This could have been any one of our families. When is it enough, please stop the violence.”

Public officials and residents alike were shocked and outraged by the tragic incident. 

“It is outrageous that a grandmother, or any individual, cannot sit on their porch on a beautiful spring day without the fear of being shot to death,” Acting Mayor Kim Janey wrote on her Twitter account. “All Boston residents should be able to live free from violence on their streets and we will do all we can to bring about peace.” 


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