Pilot program to offer $60 public transit credit for workers in five main street districts

Ha Ta, Editor-in-chief

Boston is offering up to $60 credit for MBTA and Bluebikes passes valid for two months for 1,000 employees who work in five main street districts, including Three Squares in Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, Nubian Square, East Boston, and Fields Corner, Mayor Kim Janey announced today.

Workers in those districts can register for the credit starting today until April 19 by visiting boston.gov/FREEride or text FREEride to 866-396-0122, the mayor said in a press release.

The 1,000 individuals who are eligible for the pilot program will be randomly selected either to get an MBTA pass with the full $60 credit loaded or to receive smaller stipends over time, totaling $60. Bluebikes pass-holders will be able to take unlimited trips during the two-month period but trips must be completed within 45 minutes to avoid usage charges. Participants are not obliged to continue paying for the Bluebikes pass once the two months are over, the mayor said.

One of the goals of the program, the mayor said, is to incentivize employees returning to work and encourage them to use public transportation. The city hopes the pilot program can free up curb space, reduce congestion and reduce exhaust fumes from vehicles as traffic is expected to increase post COVID-19. 

The pilot program is run by the City of Boston Transportation Department and is intended to measure how financial incentives for public transit impact commuting behavior. Results from the program will be used to inform the city’s future long-term transportation strategy, the mayor said.


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