Mayor Walsh confirmed as labor secretary, Kim Janey to become acting mayor

Ha Ta, Editor-in-chief

Mayor Marty Walsh was confirmed to be labor secretary by the Senate today, Council President Kim Janey will take over as acting mayor of Boston at 9 p.m. She will be the first Black, first female mayor of Boston.

Walsh is expected to be sworn in as labor secretary tomorrow.

“I share [President Biden and Vice President Harris’s] commitment to building an economy that works for every single American I spent my entire career fighting for working people, and I’m eager to continue that fight in Washington,” he said in a farewell press conference at Faneuil Hall. “This evening I will convey my letter of resignation to the city clerk council president Janey will become acting mayor per city charter.”

Reflecting on his time as mayor, Walsh thanked his staff, city employees, supporters and the people of Boston.

“For a kid who grew up in tangerine Dorchester, from a family whose parents immigrated to this country,” he said, “being elected mayor of Boston was a dream for me.”

“What an amazing city we live in, and what an amazing time that we’re experiencing right now,” he said. “I truly love Boston with all my heart. The work ahead will be hard at every level. We face many challenges. But I’ve never been more optimistic about our city in our country than I am today. I’ve never been more grateful to the people of the city of Boston

Asked what he thought was his signature achievement while in office, Walsh said he is happy with his administration’s accomplishment in housing. “I’m really happy [that] 2,300 formerly homeless people are living in a home today … we created a different system of delivering services to homeless people.”

“I would love to have built the Long Island bridge,” he added. “But we’re not giving up on that one.”

Walsh said he will not be endorsing any candidate currently running for Boston mayor. “It is not right for me to play a role in the mayor’s race number one and number two, the candidates that are running I know them all personally,” he said. “One worked for me. One grew up on my street. One’s a former legislator, we serve in the same body, I serve with councilors as well so it’s no place for me to be involved.

Yet, he has a piece of advice for all the candidates.

“Enjoy the race, have fun, talk to everybody.”


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