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The rise of Bluebikes has helped fuel an increase in the number of people traveling on two wheels in the Boston area.

Amid COVID-19 and a failing MBTA, more and more people turn to biking

Scope staff November 21, 2022
The Greater Boston area has seen a shift in its biking culture over the past several years as public transportation becomes a less appealing option and bike sharing makes the activity more accessible to everyone.
Year after year, the Boston Book Festival brings the literary world together. Photo credit: Boston Book Festival

The Boston Book Festival celebrates local writers and brings the literary world together

Kelly Chan and Isabella LoNigro November 16, 2022
The Boston Book Festival organization was founded in 2009 by Deborah Porter, when she realized that Boston was one of the only major cities not to have a public event that celebrated books.
Paul Cowan is the director and coach of the New England Blazers.

“Just wanna play ball”: The New England Blazers have championed wheelchair basketball for over 40 years

Paul Lyu, Reporter November 10, 2022
“If there's a sport out there, we can put you in a wheelchair,” says Cowan.
The front cover of Boston-based architect Weston Wright’s new book, published in April 2022 and now available for purchase on Amazon.

Beyond walls: a new solution to sea level rise and the Boston architect behind it

Sophia Paffenroth, Assistant Editor November 7, 2022
Wright's book explores new ways of thinking about how humans will put down roots and permanence in a world of more water, less land, and erratic weather patterns.
A photo of the original booklet, published in 1970

Our Bodies, Ourselves Today continues to fight for reproductive health literacy in a post-Dobbs America, 50 years after igniting a women’s revolution

Cassidy McNeeley and Chang Liu October 31, 2022
"We can't change the laws. We're not in Congress. But we respond to the changing laws and provide information, so you can make the best decision for you."
Ashley Yung, Pao Arts Centers theater and performance programming manager

Chinatown turned canvas: Local artists create murals for Pao Arts Center’s “Experience Chinatown” festival

Kelly Chan, Reporter October 24, 2022
Pao Arts Center hosts its fifth annual "Experience Chinatown" festival, featuring murals over the facades of 10 of the neighborhood’s beloved establishments.
A view of the Boston Harbor from the Seaport district in 2019.

Boston’s climate initiative and its obstacles to implementation

Bela Omoeva, Reporter June 16, 2022

  In the coming years, Boston will face extreme flooding from rising sea levels and larger rainstorms. Much of Boston is built on low-lying, marshy land. Some neighborhoods could see a tenfold...

Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong, NY -based artist and trained architect, sitting on her latest installation, YEAR OF THE TIGER, at Mary Soo Hoo Park in Chinatown, Boston on May 14, 2022.

Pao Arts Center celebrates five years, new installation comes to Mary Soo Hoo Park

Lex Weaver, Editor-in-chief May 18, 2022

  Mary Soo Hoo Park in Chinatown has been reactivated with a site-specific public art installation, “YEAR OF THE TIGER,” by Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong, a NY-based artist, commissioned by Pao Arts...

Tom Grennan and his band taking a short break in between songs during their performance at Brighton Music Hall.

‘A new wave of joy:’ How Boston’s live music scene has made its post-pandemic comeback

Colette Pollauf, Reporter May 17, 2022

  There aren’t many places that provide a greater sense of community than live music venues: hundreds of people crammed into a small room together, singing their hearts out with total strangers...

The Duty-Free Paradise (DFP) project, a series which includes performances, photos, video and augmented reality was recently on view at 10b in Jamaica Plain. Local artist Lani Asuncion was compelled to perform the work as a response to the nearby Dole House, putting Doles ties to the industrialization, militarization and colonization of Hawaii on full display.

A work in progress: Developing equitable spaces for artistry to flourish in Boston

Taylor Blackley, Reporter May 9, 2022

  Creative professionals generally require money and connections to fuel their practice regardless of their sources of inspiration and motivations for sharing their work. But in Boston’s competitive...

Local pastor alters the coverage of Bostons Black community

Local pastor alters the coverage of Boston’s Black community

Simya Dickson, Reporter May 3, 2022

In Boston’s large media market, many prominent news organizations fail to cover anything besides the hardships of the surrounding Black community. Boston Black News, an up-and-coming broadcast news organization...

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