Life in Mission Hill: Dhrumin Patel

Life in Mission Hill: Dhrumin Patel

By Joshua Stair

Figueroa’s Market sits on the corner of Parker Street and Delle Avenue, and gets its fair share of customers from the Mission Hill community. Dhrumin Patel serves just about all of them.

Patel, a 21-year-old immigrant from India, has worked as a cashier in the small convenience store for the past year. He came to Mission Hill three and a half years ago looking for a better life than he could find in India.

“I’m renting an apartment right now,” Patel said. He shares his apartment with three college students, two from Northeastern and one from Boston College.

Patel says his time in Mission Hill has been enjoyable. “I like it. It’s fun because we are all friends, so it does not feel that big,” he said. “They are all students so they’re pretty nice.”

In Patel’s short time in Mission Hill, he hasn’t seen too much change. “It’s the same thing. Just like, students in every six months, every semester. It doesn’t really change the community.”

While Patel is not a student himself, he does enjoy being surrounded by the college students of Mission Hill. Students greet him with a “Hi Dhru!” as they enter the store, telling him about their weeks and about the best parties coming up.

“It’s really good, because it’s safe,” he said. “It’s all students, so you kind of feel like you’re home, you know? That’s why I like it.”

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