Life in Mission Hill: Jane D’Angelo


By Joshua Qualls

Jane D’Angelo, 53, likes going community meetings to know what’s going on in the neighborhood. Although she cannot work due to disability, D’Angelo volunteers as the Mission Main Tenant Task Force’s secretary.

D’Angelo, originally from Westport, Conn., loves her apartment. She has there lived since 2000 because it’s so close to everything. Some of her favorite times are spent with her 11-year-old Bichon Frise, Angel, who can be seen wearing colorful sweaters tucked under her arms in the cold.

“I didn’t live here when it was ‘the bricks,’ but it was pretty bad from what I’ve heard,” she says. “So I think it’s slowly getting better.”

D’Angelo hasn’t witnessed any violence first-hand. However, she has heard gunfire before and seen people drinking in public spaces. She’s mostly worried about the potential spread of violence and drugs because of gang activity in the neighborhood.

“I do have my concerns,” she says. “But I mind my own business when it comes to those issues.”

About this project 

The Scope’s student journalists spoke with community members in Mission Hill. #MissionHill100 is a collection of their stories.