Life in Mission Hill: Dalia Morales

Life in Mission Hill: Dalia Morales

By Ning Wang

Dalia Morales, 19, walked out from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, where she attends Sunday church services with her mother.

Morales moved to Mission Hill when she was 5 years old. 14 years later, she loves the community.

“A lot of [community members] come to this church. When you see them, you could have conversation with them, you can go shopping with them, and you won’t feel left out,” she said. “You really find good people in Mission Hill.”

As a second-year college student, Morales studies politics and history at Curry College. During weekends and holidays, she volunteers at our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, also known as the “Mission Church.” Morales sometimes goes to visit the elderly at nursing homes in Mission Hill and Jamaica Plain.

“The town used to be a lot quieter,” Morales said.

With an increase in immigration and college students in Mission Hill, she is concerned for these who might struggle to adopt the communities culture. At the same time, she hopes that diversity will benefit the community.

“The new students that come in [could] create better opportunities,” she said. “Maybe they may create new jobs and better ideas to make this place better to grow up.”

Her most vivid memories on the Hill are from Kevin Fitzgerald Park, where she grew up with her friends. She spends less time there now, but still associates the park with fond memories.

“It’s a beautiful park, and it’s changed,” she said. “But you still remember the same feelings from before.”

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