Life in Mission Hill: Lori Arnault

Life in Mission Hill: Lori Arnault

By Fabiana Echeverria

Lori Arnault, 59, has worked as a registered nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital for the past 35 years. She loves Mission Hill.

“I don’t think I would’ve stayed here for 35 years if it wasn’t,” she said.

While not a resident of Mission Hill, Arnault has worked closely with the community as part of the hospital’s staff. She takes part in different community events such as telethons, walks and fundraisers. She also donates blood during the community blood drives.

Arnault is very aware of the changes in Mission Hill, having worked in the area for so long. She said traffic is a big concern “because it is so condensed,” though she is hopeful about the new measures that might help alleviate this problem.

A new bike lane was just opened. One of the garages for the hospital is being expanded. And a new pedestrian bridge is being built over Longwood Avenue She pointed at the intersection.

“It’s very helpful for safety’s sake,” she said. “Because this light is very heavy with pedestrians.”

When asked her favorite memory of working in Mission Hill for so long, she offered a bashful smile.

“Saving lives,” she said. “I would say collectively we save a lot of lives here.”

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