Life in Mission Hill: William Morehouse


Corey Dockser

William Morehouse, 26, is from a small town in upstate New York. When he first moved to Mission Hill, he was overwhelmed by the noisiness and pace of life.

“I remember the first night trying to sleep here and it’s just like ambulances all night, like on the street, and it’s so frickin’ loud,” Morehouse said. “I’m used to going to sleep and all you hear is like crickets and birds.”

After three years, he’s grown to enjoy living in the neighborhood. Morehouse, who manages a recording studio, likes having everything he needs within a walkable area, along with easy access to public transportation.

“I think Mission Hill has done a good job of combining, like, young college kids and young professionals with people who’ve been here for years like older people with families, so I think they create a good community.”

These days, the noise of his neighborhood is comforting.

“Now, if I go home to my parents house I have to play something on the radio ’cause I’m so used to the noise at night,” he said. “I guess I just like city life.”

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