Life in Mission Hill: Meredith McGowan

Life in Mission Hill: Meredith McGowan

By Gianna Barberia

Meredith McGowan has lived in Mission Hill for six years, but she doesn’t have much of a desire to stay. “I have a younger daughter, and there’s just not enough space here,” McGowan said. “It’s not that [Mission Hill]  is un-kid-friendly. There are some kids in the neighborhood.”

McGowan is a chemist at one of the many hospitals in the Longwood Medical area, just northwest of Mission Hill.

When she first arrived in the neighborhood, McGowan liked exploring the area. “When I first moved here — before I had kids — me and my husband would walk along the orange line. I like that Boston is very walkable.”

McGowan has not noticed significant changes to Mission Hill since she first moved there. “There has always been a lot of students,” she said.

These days, though, she tends to think of Mission Hill as a practical home.

“The location is close to where I work. Plus we’re close to Mama’s Place,” McGowan said. Then, she turning to her son, Miles, and smiled. “We love Mama’s Place, don’t we?”

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