Life in Mission Hill: Karim Majeed

Life in Mission Hill: Karim Majeed

By Yasmina Khashoggi

Karim Majeed has only lived in Mission Hill for a year, but loves the fact that it’s a very student-oriented community.

“The best part about living on Mission Hill is being around a lot of people my age and the access to public transportation. It’s the best.”

Majeed feels optimistic about the future of Mission Hill.

“I tend to think that people move towards what’s best for their homes and community, even if only slow progress is made.”

When asked about the challenges facing his community, Majeed spoke about parties.

“There’s always parties in the area, many of which get out of hand,”  he said. “Sometimes the police have to get involved.”

In fact, his most vivid memory since moving to the Hill was the barbeque party that he and his roommate threw in September, when Majeed met other college students living in the area. A couple of hours into the party, the police shut it down. According to Majeed, this is a regular occurrence in Mission Hill.

Majeed is an International Affairs Major at Northeastern University. He loves Boston and the Mission Hill neighborhood. He hopes to continue living in the area until he graduates, two years from now.

When asked about the future of Mission Hill, Majeed seemed hopeful.

“With time, and with every new generation that becomes aware of the problems their community faces, more and more progress can be made,” he said.

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