Life in Mission Hill: Chané Ghuman

Life in Mission Hill: Chané Ghuman

By Jung Hoon Kim

Chané Ghuman just moved to Mission Hill. She liked the neighborhood right away.

“The day I moved in to my apartment,” Ghuman said, “the entire neighbourhood seemed so different. And my roommate and I were both so nervous and excited to live in such a dynamic area.”

Ghuman is a second year student at Northeastern University, where she is pursuing a combined major in music industry and communications. She is originally from London.

As a newcomer, Ghuman is “not fully aware of the current challenges faced by the neighborhood.” But she has still noticed the signs of gentrification, and she is plainly aware of the role students have played in the process.

“It’s not really the students fault we are forced to move out into affordable neighborhoods where the rent is way lower than Back Bay or Fenway,” Ghuman said. “Sooner or later, the cost to live in Mission Hill will become too high for students even.”

When asked about her role in the neighborhood, Ghuman said, “I don’t really play a role yet, just a broke student.” For now, she is still getting acquainted with her surroundings. But she is excited to become an active community member in Mission Hill. “It’s actually starting to feel like home.”

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