Life in Mission Hill: Aida Marcial


Lin Yan

By Lin Yan

Waiting for a dance party to start at Tobin Community Center, 62-year-old Aida Marcial recalled the times when she and her mother attended community events together in Mission Hill. Marcial moved to Mission Hill 28 years ago.

She has a big family with three daughters and 13 grandchildren. Marcial’s most vivid memory in Mission Hill is the birth of her third daughter, which she thought was lucky. After her husband passed away, Marcial moved into a house with one of her daughters and three granddaughters, but she stayed in the neighborhood.

Since moving to Mission Hill with her mother decades ago, Marcial has been concerned about youths crime and shootings. She regards the crimes as the biggest challenge facing her community.

“One after another [shooting] has been going on. We don’t know where do the kids get guns, or where do they come from,” she said. “[We need] more community events for the young people, or they don’t know what to do and they will get in trouble.”

Aside from crime, Marcial is satisfied with her life in Mission Hill. The numerous hospitals and access to transportation are convenient for seniors in the neighborhood. She also enjoys being near college campuses and family-owned stores. Recent residential developments give her hope for the community’s future.

Marcial has firmly planted her roots in Mission Hill. She said that her children and grandchildren will all stay.

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