Life in Mission Hill: Carol DeSilva


Yumeng Ren

“I would never, never leave here. This is my home,” said Carol DeSilva, who has lived on Mission Hill since she was born. She is 73.

DeSilva walked out of the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral, known as the “Mission Church,” where she attends services every day. On her way out, she greeted people passing by with a smile. She knows everyone and chats with all of her neighbors.

“Everybody walking into this door is welcomed. We all give them respect,” she said. “This is a friendly, friendly, friendly neighborhood.”

DeSilva is a regular at Mission Hill events, such as public concerts at Brigham Circle and the annual “Ice Cream Scoop” held every summer in Mission Park. In winter, she goes to the annual Christmas tree lighting at Brigham Circle.

She regularly spends time at Tobin Community Center gym, where she said that Celtics players occasionally visit and work out with locals.

“A bus gets us from Mission Park and bring us there. We do exercises with [Celtics players],” DeSilva said.

Overall, DeSilva describes herself as content and her life as colorful.

“This is the most wonderful place in the world to come.”

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