Video Transcript & Credits: Mission Hill Arts Festival


Intro (Voice over):

The debut Mission Hill Arts Festival, a series of outdoor concerts, some of which featured visual artists, took place over the course of the summer. The cultural entrepreneurs behind the event, Luisa and Kevin Harris, wanted to inspire residents through intimate performances that offered the audience exclusive access to the artists. 

Luisa Harris 

Executive Curator and Organizer, Mission Hill Arts Festival


Luisa:  The essence of being artistic, it’s part of each one of us. The element that is missing is the art, in a sense of teaching to daydream, to be rebellious, to see failures as an opportunity, just to be imaginative, to take chances.


Voiceover: What made the Mission Hill Arts Festival unique were the opportunities for dialogue between the artists and audience. 


Luisa: What I do at the end of a performance usually, I start up a conversation between the artist and the audience. I open it up to see if there are questions, but if there are none, I stir up things.


Luisa: When people came in to look at the visual art, or listen to the concert, they ended up talking. Even if they were on opposing grounds about certain community issues, they started talking.  It reinforced what I believe, that the arts is a common ground for people.


Voice over: As warmer weather and lower infection rates had loosened Covid-restrictions for summer, the Mission Hill Arts Festival was the spark of inspiration the neighborhood had been waiting for.  Harris was happy to take on the organization and fundraising because according to her, the event was just what the community needed. 


Luisa: opening up a little bit, this beautiful space, the need to be together and support the artists who have been hibernating for too long.



Directed, filmed and edited by 

Taylor Blackley

Produced by The Scope: Boston

Photos by Taylor Blackley


Luisa Harris

Anibal Cruz and Blue Island Project:

Anibal Cruz, keys

Gerson Lazo, bass

Ivanna Cuesta, drums

Steve Langone and The Jinga Quartet:

Steve Langone, drums

Fernando Huergo, bass

Ernesto Diaz, percussion

Maxim Lubarsky, keys

The Kevin Harris Project:

Kevin Harris, keys

feat. Fabio Rojas, drums

The Arnie Cheatam Project:

Presented by Mandorla Music

Mark Redmond, producer 

Arnie Cheatam, composer

Kevin Harris, arranger, bandleader and keys

Bill Lowe, trombone

Akili Bradley, trumpet

Andy Voelker, alto sax

Gregory Groover Jr., tenor sax

Max Ridley, upright bass

Lee Fish, drums

Ryan Renteria, sound engineer and mixer


Visual Artists:

Nicholas Milkovich, sculptor

Rania Suleiman-Kadafour, interdisciplinary artist

Felicia Fishel, graphic designer


Not pictured due to copyright claims: Debo Ray and EcoSoundSystem


Event Sponsors:

Arts Talks

Mission Hill Fenway Neighborhood Trust

City of Boston Credit Union

Mission Hill Main Streets

The Record Co. 

Eastern Bank 

Dan Vlahos Design

East Boston Savings Bank

The Boston Foundation

Mandorla Music

The Mission Bar & Grill

Penguin Pizza 

Laughing Monk Café

Lily’s Gourmet Pasta Express