Early Voting in Boston – Voters talk wait time and why they vote early

“I want to make sure my vote counts so I figured it would be worth the extra effort to come down and cast it in person,” a voter said of why he chose to go vote early.

Early voting for the Nov. 3 election in Boston began Saturday, Oct. 17 and continues through Friday, Oct. 30 at 27 sites around the city. Across the country, voter turnout continues to break records, hitting 124% of total 2016 early voting.

As of Monday, at least 58.6 million people had casted their ballots nationally and about 1.6 million people had voted in Massachusetts, reaching 160% of total 2016 early voting in the state, The Washington Post reported.

The Scope’s reporters visited six early voting locations to report on wait times, safety measures at polling locations and talked to voters about why they chose to vote early.

Early voting at Boston City Hall 

By Ivy Saltsman and Ryan Corbin


Fenway Park and Thelma D. Burns building in Roxbury 

By Delia Harrington and Matthew Levin


Tobin Community Center in Mission Hill

By Helen Snow and Maya Homan



Hyde Park and Boston City Hall

By Mark Kobzik, Maaisha Osman and Hannah Lewis 



Videos in this story are produced by the Scope’s reporters and students in a class at Northeastern University taught by Professor Jody Santos. See more of their videos in our Mission Hill Businesses series.


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