How did Boston vote in the 2020 presidential primary?

Former Vice President Joe Biden climbed to the front of the line in Massachusetts this week.

After a victorious Super Tuesday, triumphant in 10 of the 14 states, Biden pommeled Sen. Elizabeth Warren in her home state and edged progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders, garnering almost 34% of the vote in the Bay State. 

With 91 pledged delegates at stake in Massachusetts, Biden earned 37 of them. Considered the best hope for moderates, Biden was expected to trail throughout the state, according to a recent poll by Suffolk University that predicted a statistical tie between Sanders and Warren.

In Boston, where progressives increasingly dominate local politics, many precincts went to Biden. Using data from the state’s election department, we have built an interactive maps detailing precinct-by-precinct results for the top three candidates, Biden, Warren and Sanders.

More analysis of these results will follow in the coming days, as the Scope’s reporters gather reactions and insights, but we’d like to know how your precinct did. How did you vote in the 2020 presidential primary?

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