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The Chinatown Project aims to be a visual record of Boston’s Chinatown

The Chinatown Project aims to be a visual record of Boston’s Chinatown

Lex Weaver, Editor July 5, 2022

In under two years, The Chinatown Project has already solidified itself as a one-stop-shop for everything and everyone you should know in Boston's Chinatown. With a mission to preserve Chinatown's culture...

The festival took place on Sunday, June 12.

Boston Dragon Boat Festival returns with lineup of festivities

Jennifer Suryadjaja, Reporter June 17, 2022

After a two-year hiatus from an in-person event, the Boston Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival returned to Cambridge with a whole-day program of culture, food and festivities Sunday for its 43rd celebration. The...

A view of the Boston Harbor from the Seaport district in 2019.

Boston’s climate initiative and its obstacles to implementation

Bela Omoeva, Reporter June 16, 2022

  In the coming years, Boston will face extreme flooding from rising sea levels and larger rainstorms. Much of Boston is built on low-lying, marshy land. Some neighborhoods could see a tenfold...

Domenic Espositos Feeling Verdigris features a bronze hooded figure on a wood panel. His work shines light on empathy for those struggling with mental health.

Boston exhibition shines light on mental health in eclectic collection

Jennifer Suryadjaja, Reporter June 6, 2022

  Since Christine O’Donnell opened Beacon Gallery in 2017, she has intentionally curated exhibitions with social justice in mind.  “It is something that I look at from a lot of different...

ZUMIX staff and students participating in the 2021 Walk for Musicin East Boston. 

This is one of our biggest fundraisers each year, and welcome people from the ZUMIX community to show their support for our young people, Katie Gibson, the development and communications manager at ZUMIX, told The Scope.

Music education nonprofit continues serving East Boston youth after more than 30 years

Emma Casali, Reporter May 26, 2022

  ZUMIX is a nonprofit organization that offers music education to children and adults in East Boston. The nonprofit was founded in 1991 by Madeleine Steczynski, the organization's current executive...

Tom Grennan and his band taking a short break in between songs during their performance at Brighton Music Hall.

‘A new wave of joy:’ How Boston’s live music scene has made its post-pandemic comeback

Colette Pollauf, Reporter May 17, 2022

  There aren’t many places that provide a greater sense of community than live music venues: hundreds of people crammed into a small room together, singing their hearts out with total strangers...

Thousands of people gathered on Saturday, May 14 at Boston Common to protest the possible overturning of Roe vs. Wade, which will affect safe abortion access in the U.S.

Thousands react to Roe v. Wade leaked draft at Boston Common rally

Jennifer Suryadjaja, Reporter May 16, 2022

  Thousands of supporters baked under the near-record high temperatures gathered at Boston Common Saturday to attend Boston’s Bans Off Our Bodies rally, sponsored by Planned Parenthood Advocacy...

‘If we don’t do something, we will be bearing the cost:’ How stormwater pollution is contaminating Boston’s waterways

‘If we don’t do something, we will be bearing the cost:’ How stormwater pollution is contaminating Boston’s waterways

Xinyu Lu and Jiawen Xu May 10, 2022

As much as 500 million gallons of sewage, mixed with stormwater, flow into Boston harbor through rivers that carry pollutants every year. Stormwater pollution is the combination of rainwater and pollutants...

The Duty-Free Paradise (DFP) project, a series which includes performances, photos, video and augmented reality was recently on view at 10b in Jamaica Plain. Local artist Lani Asuncion was compelled to perform the work as a response to the nearby Dole House, putting Doles ties to the industrialization, militarization and colonization of Hawaii on full display.

A work in progress: Developing equitable spaces for artistry to flourish in Boston

Taylor Blackley, Reporter May 9, 2022

  Creative professionals generally require money and connections to fuel their practice regardless of their sources of inspiration and motivations for sharing their work. But in Boston’s competitive...

Local pastor alters the coverage of Bostons Black community

Local pastor alters the coverage of Boston’s Black community

Simya Dickson, Reporter May 4, 2022

In Boston’s large media market, many prominent news organizations fail to cover anything besides the hardships of the surrounding Black community. Boston Black News, an up-and-coming broadcast news organization...

Workers from Starbucks United and local coffee shop unions marched in Cambridge on Sunday, May 1.

Boston Starbucks workers march with local cafes against union-busting

Matt Wolfinger, Reporter May 3, 2022

Workers from Boston-based Starbucks locations as well as local coffee chains Pavement, Darwin’s Ltd. and others gathered and marched through Cambridge on Sunday to support coffee shop unions and stand...

Screengrab of the Seaport Hotel in the Seaport, Boston.

[VIDEO] Green Hotel Revolution: Greater Boston hotels strive for sustainability

Katie Mogg, Reporter April 28, 2022

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Boston welcomed almost 23 million tourists every year. And as temperatures rise and travel restrictions loosen, the culturally and historically-rich city is in for a bustling...

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